The more you will introduce new countries, the more you will juggle with countries postal standards
and postage discounts requirements.

International address verification will lead you to work with foreign standards and different character sets. You will also encounter several official languages within a country depending on the area. Each time, it will be a whole different rules set and data quality requirements.

NORMAD1 is a highly qualified partner to face the issues related to the address life cycle :

Data Quality for profitable Direct Mailing

How to standardise and correct foreign addresses complying with different countries postage discounts requirements?
How to get more efficiency in your campaign avoiding undeliverable mails?

Ensure Data Quality of your Direct Mailing :

Address Verification and Validation : Addresses are compared against the latest national authorized postal addresses reference files to authenticate them. Errors are corrected and address formatting is applied to meet the specified country's postal standards.

Address Deduplication : It identifies possible contacts or companies present under different spelling in a database or across several files, to not send a mail twice to the same person.

Name Parsing and Genderising : To correctly personalise your mails with the most suitable format wether for individual names or companies.

Normad International's software ensure data quality for your local and out bond direct mailing.

Data cleansing for Data Quality

To make your address reliable and rich, frequent data cleansing will help you to cleverly keep in touch with your contacts.
Data quality is part of the whole customer experience delivered by your company.

Data cleansing from NCOA (National Change of Address) data , MPS (Mail Preference Service also called Robinson) and the Bereavement register saves at least around 15% of your mails and time spent on these unproductive contacts.

Following towns’ mutations and refresh your addresses straightaway maintains complete, correct, up to date and unique data.
Moreover, sending your mailing to out-of-date addresses damages your brand name with complaints from opt-out subscribers.

Then, data cleansing with Normad International's range help to enrich or purge your records to follow your contact changes, may it be a move, birth, bereavement, company change or anything else. You decide which are the purposed change files to compare against your database files to reach the data quality you need.

Data Quality for valuable Customer Loyalty

Misspell names and addresses, wrong salutations or first names are common issues.

Cultural differences make data cleansing especially difficult. The "last name" can occur first, a given name can be used as last name, first names can be of different gender depending on countries, and sometimes there are many possible answers for name parsing and genderising.
Data Cleansing and Name Parsing are essentials as enriching stages. Their accuracy brings added value to your contacts database's management. This is the Data Quality that makes your customers feel considerated.

Direct mail is part of the whole customer experience delivered by your company.

Name parsing and address deduplication help you to address your more eligible prospects a dedicated message without any superfluous or erroneous information. So, direct mail is a vehicle media for your brand image.

Normad International's software range balanced its data cleansing to get the most of your data.

The challenges of an international address management software

Address Verification

Comparing authorized postal address
reference files to authenticate it



Recognizing a piece of data as a specific type
and dealing with it accordingly.



Identifying possible contacts or companies
present under different spelling.


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