NORMAD1 is a very dedicated Address Management Software company established since 1993 with headquarters in Bordeaux, France. We are specialized in international address verification and deduplication.

All the products are developped in multi-platform compliant C or Assembler language to be run on any kind of hardware (Windows®, Linux, Unix, Mainframe, AS/400 family...) with the best processing performance, and executed as batch and interactive versions to cover all Address Management needs.

Since 2001, NORMAD1 is one of the only Address Management Software company to be ISO 9001 certified on all processes within the company.

Nearly two decades of address management knowledge allow us to bring to each country the very best of our practices to design a tailored solution. Still growing, we have an expanding international offer.

High quality products and support made our brand-repute. We support customers from various industry such as Print Management, National resources providers (electricity, gaz), Mail order houses, Insurances, Banks, Pensions funds, Distribution groups, Marketing Service Providers, Database management and Edition.

Our commitment :

  • The investments for ISO certification are to show our ability to deal with high quality and support requirements.
  • Most of NORMAD1 team has a strong IT background with Address Management specifics to allow a 100% in-house design.
  • Moreover, our infrastructures allows us to duplicate any kind of production environment for an even better customer support.


NORMAD1’s Research and Development center benefits from the best resources to develop its software fitting with any IT environment.

Our support department sets its IT equipment to get the same environment than its customers. It includes maintenance of merely used systems. Thus, NORMAD1 can provide the best and the closest possible technical support to meet high level requirements.

NORMAD1’s IT infrastructure:

  • 1 IBM Z9 mainframe allowing to run MVS, VM, zLinux, partitions, etc
  • 3 SUN SOLARIS servers
  • 1 HP-UX server
  • 1 IBM Power System running an isystem (AS/400), an AIX and a Linux for Power system
  • 2 IBM AIX servers
  • Numerous Linux servers
  • Numerous Windows servers.

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