Deduplication process identifies possible contacts or companies present under different spelling in a database or across different files, based on a customizable set of data fields such as name, address, phone number, date of birth.

  • Gone-away and deceased people: NCOA-National Change Of Address, Gone-Away Suppression Files, Business Suppression File, Bereavement register.
  • Opt-out and Preference Services: MPS - Mail Preference Service, Robinson list, TPS - Telephone Preference Service, FPS - Fax Preference Service, Baby Preference Service.
  • Enhancement and enrichment of the data from one file to others: discrepancies are pointed out so you can balance the information with consolidating.

You will comfortably rely on these processing to get a reliable database for targeted campaigns, cutting postage fees by not sending out duplicate mails and making informed business decision. Your brand image will be improved and your database value for renting risen, and finally your business is environmentally friendly by not wasting natural resources.


Our de-duplication software dedupe B to B, B to C and C to C data, allowing to group together the different people from the same household or to split them. It can process up to 256 files in one run with customizable set of data fields for matching. Your process can be gender-based or address quality-based. Levels of confidence are configurable so they can fit to your need for enrichment or deduplication.

Similar records are edited with a score showing the level of confidence in the match. Users can then work forward not to damage their contact database with suppression automatisms.

  • Batch and Interactive versions (Web Service (php, java), Client/Server)
  • Easy to integrate into your IT system
  • Compliance with most platforms
  • Available in English, French

Batch Version

Batch deduplication processing identifies duplicates in a database and can be used for ongoing maintenance. It ensures data accuracy over time, avoiding data decay with moves, marriage, changes in the household and Preference Service subscription.

On the one hand, companies lose touch with up to 15 per cent of their contact database every year as a result of changes in their people and organizations circumstances. This level of attrition has a significant impact on campaign efficiency. The frequent cleansing or deduping with movers source will point out who has moved and according to your requirements you can also find out the new address for those contacts, enabling you to continue the relationship.

On the other hand, it allows to set up your mailing file with the eligible contacts likely to buy from your campaign.

We highly recommend to process Batch version in conjunction with Online processing.

Online Version

Preventing the entry of duplicate records in your database is the key to maintain data quality and save time to your organization. It also cuts down false online registrations.

Accurate information can be used for future marketing activity and insight into your contact base.

Moreover, it gives a positive experience to your contacts and the guarantee for a parcel or information to be correctly delivered once only.

It is a multithread C library running on Windows, Linux, Unix Systems and C/C++, VB, ISAPI, php, Java compliant.
The Client/Server architecture works as server application using UDP protocole and running on Windows, Linux, Unix, zOs, pSeries... It works also as webservices mode such as Websphere, tomcat, Jboss, .Net...

Online address deduplication shall work in conjunction with regular batch processing to maintain an optimum data quality.


Try our online postal address correction, standardization and validation software.
It is not necessary to write each data in the corresponding field.

Our software manages the formatting. We inform you this is a demo version that does not
include the updated Postal Address File in order to prevent any abuse.

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