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Address Verification and Validation is a common expression to describe the processing of parsing a postal address, comparing it against the latest national authorized postal address reference files to authenticate it and formatting it according to each country postal standard.

The Address Verification and Validation software decrease undeliverable mails and associated fees. Moreover, they will qualify your mailing for better postage rates from your postal operator. Normad1 Address Management software will help you to increase a worldwide brand recognition maintaining your customer approach quality.

Our software validate and correct address elements to street level and house numbers for most countries.


Address Verification and Validation software validate and correct address elements to street level and house numbers for most countries. They ensure formatting of addresses, which complies with each country's requirements, reducing the length of individual address elements according to abbreviation rules.

You will be pleased to discover the software manage the several official languages in use in a country as for Belgium or Switzerland and the country specific characters, correcting spelling errors and enriching address with additional information.

The process edits 4 different return codes. The 3 main codes are validated, ambiguous or rejected. For each of these returns, a comment will specify the inaccuracy type and possible minor modifications to comply with validation.

  • Batch and Interactive versions (Web Service (php, java), Client/Server)
  • Easy to integrate into your IT system
  • Compliance with most platforms
  • Available in English, French

Batch Version

The address cleansing process checks each record in the file against the latest reference postal address file. It processes fixed length field text files exportable from any database.

Over time, frequent address cleansing prevent data decay by keeping the address database correct, accurate and up to date. It removes errors from addresses inaccurately entered into database.

A statistics report shows the modification types the address verification process applied to correct and validate your addresses. Addresses can be rejected, ambiguous or slightly modified. For each of these 3 categories, there are subcategories indicating the issues encountered to validate addresses.

Online Version

The online Address Verification and Validation will improve your customer service with an efficient first impression. It removes errors from manual address collection and eliminates problems of misheard, incorrectly spelt or badly written information.

Furthermore, this process saves time and money to your organisation. The addresses are formatted to a standard you specify. All communications will be addressed correctly, reducing administration costs associated with undelivered or late goods.

It is a multithread C library running on Windows, Linux, Unix Systems and C/C++, VB, ISAPI, php, Java compliant.
The Client/Server architecture works as server application using UDP protocole and running on Windows, Linux, Unix, zOs, pSeries... It works also as webservices mode such as Websphere, tomcat, Jboss, .Net...


Try our online postal address correction, standardization and validation software.
It is not necessary to write each data in the corresponding field.

Our software manages the formatting. We inform you this is a demo version that does not
include the updated Postal Address File in order to prevent any abuse.

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