Our Address Management Software are written in multi-platform compliant C language in order to be run on any kind of hardware (Windows®, Linux, Unix, Mainframe, AS/400 family...) with the best processing performance.

These high quality products execute as batch files, interactive, Client/Server and Web services for your freeflow editing, so address management works from any point of capture.

Our international offer is 100% in-house designed to meet the requirements of demanding customers. Our development department is expert with parsing international address specifics.

Our software can be integrated into your IT system and make easier to get a single view customer.

NORMAD1 is a reliable partner highly qualified to support you with Address Management.

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Try our online postal address correction, standardization and validation software.
It is not necessary to write each data in the corresponding field.

Our software manages the formatting. We inform you this is a demo version that does not
include the updated Postal Address File in order to prevent any abuse.

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