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Parsing means the ability to recognize a piece of data as a specific type of data and deal with it accordingly. Name parsing and genderising breaks data down into more easily interpreted pieces.

Parsing names is a very problematic and difficult task. There are many variables involved to parse names correctly. Cultural differences can make this process especially difficult. The "last name" can occur first, a given name can be used as last name, first names can be of different gender depending on language, and sometimes there are many possible answers.

This process analyzes the recipient line of a postal address. Then, it formats correctly this line according to the rules you may need. You can genderize contact names, choose the way you want to structure the different parts of a full name and the salutation. You can process company names differently depending on contacts title and full names.

  • Increase the reading rate of your mails
  • Increase response rates
  • Reduce waste


Name parsing formats correctly contacts title and full names as well as companies name and legal forms, to build valuable customer relationship management.

Title and gender are allocated to your contacts. You can define your own rules concerning the neutral names. The first names file is customizable to make your work easier. Depending on the need of your campaign you can either split full names or merge name fields. You can also make the distinction of your contacts between individuals and companies.

The process edits 4 different return codes. The 3 main codes are validated, ambiguous or rejected. For each of these returns, a comment will specify the inaccuracy type and possible minor modifications to comply with validation.

  • Batch and Interactive versions (Web Service (php, java), Client/Server)
  • Compliance with most platforms
  • Available in English, French

Batch Version

Regular batch name parsing and genderising makes contact database consistent to rapidly set up a file for new campaigns. It cares of your local and international contacts to make your work easier for gender-based campaign, contact de-duplication and single customer view.

With the same process, you will work on B to B database and format companies’ name and legal forms.

For your convenience, this version process with fixed length field text files.

Online Version

The Online version allocates correct salutation, gender and format before validation. So, it brings coherence to the database in spite of the multiple points of entry.

You can apply different rules to the online keyboard input for undefined or to force first names spelling. That way, your international contacts can be managed with as much care as your local contacts.

With this tool, you can immediately integrate new contacts to the campaigns-in-progress.

It is a multithread C library running on Windows, Linux, Unix Systems and C/C++, VB, ISAPI, php, Java compliant.
The Client/Server architecture works as server application using UDP protocole and running on Windows, Linux, Unix, zOs, pSeries... It works also as webservices mode such as Websphere, tomcat, Jboss, .Net...


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It is not necessary to write each data in the corresponding field.

Our software manages the formatting. We inform you this is a demo version that does not
include the updated Postal Address File in order to prevent any abuse.

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